How you can Update Windows Media Player

Published: 14th October 2011
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Having Troubles With Updating Windows Media Player? This Manual Will help you Update Windows Media Player Rapidly And Easily.

As with all the operating technique updates for various versions of Microsoft Windows, Windows Media Player searches for updates and from time to time new capabilities, performance and enhancements either automatically or manually. Here we look on the methods necessary to update this media plan manually or automatically.

Updating Windows Media Player

To update Windows Media Player, you have to be logged on to your computer as an administrator or be a member of the Administrators group, and also the Computer should have Internet connectivity.

To examine updates manually:

Click the Help menu, and after that click Check for Updates.
In the event the Help menu isn't visible click on the, display the Classic Menus link (which also gives you access to most of the Player functions).

Manual updates can be valuable should you like to possess a great deal of manage above your media library. It's going to also aid if you'll find particular features that you simply want to update, and other people you could not wish to adjust.

Updating Windows Media Player automatically, on the other hand, is extremely hassle-free once you usually do not need to consider about when an update could be needed. To examine updates automatically:

Click the arrow below the Now Playing tab, and then click More Choices.
On the Player tab, under Check for updates, click the interval alternative that you want.

In both situations a prompt box will appear informing you if you'll find no updates, and on some occasions it'll state whether you've one of the most up-to-date version of Windows Media Player.

If you discover over time that Window Media Player is not compatible along with your desires, or you'd probably prefer to modify to an option, there is certainly often the ever expanding well-known VLC Media Player or VLC Media Player for Mac. For people that use greater than one form of media player, it might also be worthwhile to contemplate an independent updater like RadarSync Pc Updater or the free of charge Updater from That way you are able to manage all of your software package updates by means of one program.

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